CF 60

Italian Market Only

CF 60 Overview

CF50-SummaryThe CF60 is a 60kW radial generator wind turbine with active blade pitch and an active yaw. The radial generator offers better power performance and an increased AEP on our competitors.  The Radial generator has a high magnetic flux. The magnets have multiple coatings and are sealed in a glass fibre/epoxy coating. This means that a magnet can never be dislodged and corrosion is practically impossible

The active blades pitch protects the turbine and optimises aerodynamic performance during the fiercest of operating conditions. . In extreme winds, the blades can be feathered 90 degrees out of the wind which greatly reduces the wind load on the blades and turbine.  The blade pitching mechanism also serves as a very effective emergency brake.

Active yaw control -a purpose built microprocessor monitors the wind vane and the anemometer on all C&F turbines. This directs the yaw or slew motor, allowing the turbine to be optimally aligned to the wind. Not only does this improve efficiency but it reduces fatigue loading on the turbine.

Remote monitoring through our in-house designed GSM controller ensures your turbine is always performing to its optimum, giving you piece of mind that your investment is continuously working for you.

Our unique hydraulic tilt lift system allows for easy access for maintenance and service.

CF60 Main Features

  • AEP @ 7m/s of 281,774 kWh
  • Ideal turbine for average wind speeds up to 5.0 m/sec.
  • Low cut-in wind speed, of 3.0m/sec.


Rotor Diameter 25.4m
Rotor Swept Area 491 m
Number of Blades 3
Hub Height 30m
Max Power 60 kW (can be restricted)
Rated wind speed 9.0 m/sec.
Wind Class II (Vave = 7.5 m/s)
Survival wind speed 70 m/sec.
BWEA Sound Level ?? dBA @ 60m
Cut in wind speed 3.0 m/sec.
Cut out wind speed 25 m/sec.
Rotor Speed Range 38 rpm (Variable Speed)
Installation Method Crane Lift
Power Conversion Solid-state Inverter
Inverter Type EL Power