Frequently Asked Questions

How much space do I need for a wind turbine?

Ideally, a wind turbine should be positioned as far away as possible from buildings or trees, which may block the wind and cause turbulence. As a guide, the wind generator should be about twice the height of obstructions in front of it (for at least the prevailing wind direction). This test should be applied for all obstructions that are within a distance from the wind turbine of 20 times the height of each obstruction. See the diagram below.

As an example, if there is a 7m high building then the turbine should be sited 7 X 20m away, i.e. 140m, or on a 15m tower (being more than 2X the height of the building). This is especially important where the obstruction is between the turbine and the prevailing wind.

ideal site

The ideal location for a wind turbine is at the top of a gentle slope and the worst location is just to the downwind side of a large building.

In general, if you have a number of obstacles, e.g. buildings or trees, within 200m of the proposed turbine location, then you should seriously consider a taller tower, e.g. 20m rather than 15m. The benefit that you will get from a taller tower will be greater, the more obstacles that are around your proposed location.

Space is also needed to set out the anchorage points and to lower the tower for maintenance. The ground area required depends on the type and height of the tower.

What is the ideal wind speed for a C&F Wind Turbine?

Any speed above 5.0 m/s is the optimum wind speed for a C&F Wind Turbine.

How can I check the wind speed in my area?

In Ireland you check the estimated wind speed in your area on the SEAI Wind Atlas Map link below.

In the UK and Northern Ireland you can find the estimated wind speed in area through the NOABL Wind Map link below.

Are C&F Green Energy wind turbines noisy?

No, however you should aim to site the turbine where it would not impact on your neighbours

 In general you should aim to site the turbine where it will not impact your neighbours either visually or with noise. This may however involve a compromise with the best location for energy generation and you may need to enter into negotiations with your neighbours and planning authorities.

Do I need to obtain planning permission for a wind turbine?


Yes, to install a domestic turbine over 13m in height or a commercial turbine over 20m in height, planning approval must be sought.

You must apply for planning approval through your local county council. An application should include a site layout map, a site location map; elevation drawings of the planned turbines include their height and rotor diameter, together with evidence of a site notice and notification in the required national and/or local papers.

UK & Northern Ireland

Planning permission is required in the UK and Northern Ireland for any standalone (not wall mounted) turbine that is over;

  • Over 11.1m in height or any turbine.
  • Has a swept area larger than 3.8 square meters.
How many wind turbines can be installed at one property or location?

The number of turbines that can be installed on one site is stipulated by grid availability and planning restrictions. To obtain the maximum benefit for your investment the potential delivered electricity should match the base-load electrical consumption. There is no limit to the number of systems that can be installed however matching your electrical load demand or the Maximum Export Capacity (MEC) is the most economical situation.

What is the life expectancy of wind turbines?

With annual service and maintenance, our wind turbines have a life expectancy of up to 20 years.

What maintenance is required, and is there a maintenance agreement?

Our machines require annual maintenance. This price is set out in your maintenance agreement. Heavily worked or stressed units will require ultimately the most attention. Poor environmental conditions will affect the overall period before maintenance is required. Various levels of maintenance services are offered. For overall cost-effectiveness of the wind turbine, it is our aim to minimize as far as is practical, any additional ‘on-costs’ to the customer. It will however be necessary to agree on an annual maintenance agreement.

How much Carbon Dioxide will I save from release?

Each 10kWh of electricity equates to about 4.5kg of CO2, 0.05kg of SO2 and 0.02kg of NO2.

What is the lifespan of a wind turbine?

C&F Green Energy wind turbines have a lifespan of 20 years.

It is up to the wind turbine owner to ensure that the turbine receives it annual maintenance to main the longevity of the turbine.

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